Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trying to find a diamond in the rough . . .


This is the time of year where teams are looking for guys that could make an impact on their team. Every team would like to find an undrafted free agent that could make an instant contribution to their team, but at this time, what teams are looking for are players that they can develop. They will look at these players during the minicamps and training camp and sign to the practice squad the ones that show the most potential. The hope is that one of these UDFA's will turn into a diamond in the rough.

The Lions have reached their roster maximum with some recent signings and releases. None of the signings will effect their current cap status. Over the past several days, they signed four players that were players invited to tryout for the team. Matt Butler, Justin Sanders, Stephen Howell and Buck Reed all signed one year contracts for the league minimum, $295,000. The Lions also signed 2nd year DT, Jonathan Lewis, to a one year contract for $370,000 and 4th year CB, Ronyell Whitaker, to a one year contract for $520,000.

The Lions also released two players, Bobby Williams and Pacino Horne. Williams was an undrafted rookie that just signed a three year contract a couple of weeks ago. Horne signed a two year contract in early January.

The net effect of all of these transactions will likely have less than a $10,000 effect on the salary cap status for the current year.

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