Friday, March 21, 2008

2009 Cap Outlook

6:10am EDT

What is the 2009 salary cap amount?

  • I have not seen any projections on what the 2009 salary cap amount will be. I do know that the 2008 salary cap figure is based on 57.5% of projected total revenues and that the 2009 cap figure is based on 57.5% of projected total revenues as well. My best guess is that the 2009 salary cap will be under $120M, but that is just an educated guess on my part.

Who's contract will expire?

  • The good news is that none of the players with expiring contracts will command a large contract. The following players are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents (UFA) after this season; Jason Hanson, Paris Lenon, Shaun McDonald, Tatum Bell, Shaun Cody, George Foster, Corey Smith, Stephen Peterman, Dan Orlovsky, Stanley Wilson and Langston Moore.
  • The Lions would own the rights to the following players that survive final cuts in September; Sean McHugh, Jonathan Scott, Anthony Cannon, Frank Davis, Greg Blue, DeVale Ellis, Ramzee Robinson, Brandon Middleton and Buster Davis. All of these players could be retained relatively cheaply, provided that they remain under contract for the 2008 season.
  • Roy Williams - Roy is currently under contract for the 2009 season, but he has the option to void his contract at the end of this season. With a salary of less than $1M, Williams will undoubtedly void his contract if an extension isn't reached first. This year, Larry Fitzgerald signed a 4 year $40M per year contract, Randy Moss signed a 3 year $27M contract, Javon Walker signed a 6 year $54M contract that will pay him $27M in the first 3 years and Bernard Berrien signed a 6 year $42M contract, that will pay him $23M in the first three years. Based on the current market, Williams is likely due a contract that will pay him close to $10M per year. If an extension isn't reached, I'd be extremely surprised if Lions don't place the franchise tag on Williams and retain his rights. The 2009 franchise tag amount for WR's was $7.85M and I'd expect the 2009 amount to be closer to $9M.

Where do the Lions stand in 2009?

  • After the initial rush of free agent signings, I show the Lions having 43 players signed in 2009 and $83M of cap commitments for the year. Of those 43 players, 12 include players that are not likely to make the 2008 roster. The release of these 12 players would not result in any dead cap amounts and would result in a savings of about $5M. Realistically, we have about $78M committed to 31 players for 2009 or about $42M under the 2009 cap.

Projected 2008 Cap Status - less than $100,000.

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