Friday, March 7, 2008

Cason and Hulsey Sign One Year Contracts

6:20pm EST

Aveion Cason

Cason is now a 7 year veteran who was a cut and resigned several times throughout the 2007 season. Cason is a likely candidate for a Vet Minimum contract. His $730,000 base salary is the minimum salary for a 7 year veteran and $285,000 will be subsidized by the NFLPA. He probably received a $40,000 signing bonus and will have a current year cap cost of $485,000.

Corey Hulsey

Hulsey is a 5 year veteran who didn't play in 2007. He played with Oakland in 2006 and prior. Hulsey signed for the Vet Minimum for a 5 year veteran of $605,000. $160,000 of his salary will be subsidized by the NFLPA. If he received a $40,000 signing bonus (the maximum for a vet minimum contract), he'll have a current year cap cost of $485,000.

Travis Fisher and Chuck Darby have both recently signed three year contracts with the Lions, cap costs will be calculated as details become available.

Estimated Cap Space $6.9M under

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