Friday, July 11, 2008

Cliff Avril Signs


Cliff Avril

The Lions have signed their first rookie draft pick. According to Adam Caplan of, on July 11th, Cliff Avril signed a 3 year contract that included a $484,000 signing bonus. His base salaries are $295,000 (2008), $385,000 (2009) and $470,000 (2010). His current year salary cap cost is $456,333 ($484,000 SB/3 years plus $295,000 Base Salary). As I've noted in the past, only the top 51 player contract count toward the cap until the first day of the season. Before Avril signed, the 51st highest Lions player contract counted $451,720 against the cap. Therefore, the current impact of Avril's contract reduces the Lions salary cap status by $4,500. The Lions are currently $3.9M under the cap.

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