Sunday, July 27, 2008

PUP . . .Questions and Answers


What is PUP? - Physically Unable to Perform

Who is eligible? - All players are eligible to go on PUP at the start of training camp or before participating in any practices. Once you participate in practice, you are no longer eligible to be placed on PUP.

What are PUP players allowed to do? - They can participate in team meetings and rehab their injury, but they are forbidden from participating in team activities during practices.

Who did the Lions place on PUP? - Edwin Mulitalo, Daniel Bullocks, Dan Campbell and Shaun McDonald

What benefit is there from placing a player on PUP? - It's an insurance in case an injury lingers. When a player is injured at the start of season, a team has two options, they can place him on Injured Reserve and he's done for the season or they can have him sit on the sideline, while they wait for him to get healthy. If he was placed on PUP at the start of training camp, a team can continue to keep him on PUP until the sixth week of the season. This frees up another roster spot and with only 53 total roster spots during the season, it's important. After the sixth week of the season, the PUP player can practice with the team and a decision on whether to activate that player or keep him on Reserve/PUP has to be made by the 10th week of the season.

What have the Lions done in the past? - They faced that decision with Kevin Jones and DeVale Ellis last year. They elected to remove Kevin Jones from the PUP list at the start of the season and he was able to start playing during the third week of the season. DeVale Ellis practiced with the team after the sixth week, but the Lions elected to keep him on Reserve/PUP for the remainder of the season.

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