Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Franchise Player Deadline

Back in February of this year, 12 players received the franchise tag designation, 11 of which received the non-exclusive franchise tag. The deadline for these players to sign long-term contracts is today (July 15th). Any player that hasn't signed a long-term contract by today, can only sign a one-year contract.

Of the 12 players that received the franchise tag, two were traded and received long-term contracts from their new teams, Jared Allen - Vikings and Corey Williams - Browns. Two have signed long-term contracts with their 2007 team, Marcus Trufant - Seahawks and Dallas Clark - Colts. The other eight players face the July 15th deadline.

All eight of these players have until the end of today (July 15th) to sign a long-term contract. If they haven't signed a long-term contract by the end of today, they may only sign a one-year contract.

Nnamdi Asomugha was the only player that received the exclusive franchise tag. He has not signed his franchise tag tender yet, does not have the option to sign with another team and may only negotiate with the Oakland Raiders.

Players who receive the non-exclusive franchise tag designation are allowed to negotiate a contract with other teams, but if they sign a contract with another team, their former team has the option to match that contract and retain their rights or they can receive two first round draft picks as compensation from the new team. Of the seven remaining players, four have already signed their franchise tag tender Karlos Dansby, Jordan Gross, Stacy Anderews and LJ Smith. The other three (Terrell Suggs, Ken Hamlin and Albert Haynesworth) have yet to sign the franchise tag or a long-term contract.

Over the past two years, the Lions were facing this deadline with Cory Redding (2007) and Jeff Backus (2006). There is also a strong possibility that they will could face this deadline in 2009 with Roy Williams next year.

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